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General Civil Practice

If you are looking for a civil practice lawyer for your needs inAlabama, look no further. We are a small and highly experiencedAlabamalaw firm offering a professional and personal service to help you deal with any civil disputes you may have and get the compensation you are entitled to. We value each of our clients and will handle your case as quickly and effectively as possible.

A civil dispute essentially means any dispute between two private parties, as opposed to criminal proceedings such as burglary, murder or assault. Examples of civil disputes include:

The aim of a civil proceeding is to reach a settlement, usually in terms of a monetary award, which fairly compensates the injured party. In order to do this, the claimant needs to provide irrefutable proof that the other party is at fault. For example, in a civil injury case the claimant would need to prove beyond doubt that their injury was caused by the willful negligence of another.

Each case is different, and we will handle your case personally, offering a service that is tailored to the unique facts of your case and circumstances. We will help you to understand the best course of action in your case and decide upon a way forward that you are satisfied with and which will give you the best chance of winning the compensation you deserve. We are practiced in gathering and cataloging evidence, dealing with other lawyers, professionals, insurance companies or employers on your behalf, and will gather witness statements or other information as necessary.

When you engage us in your civil dispute, you are guaranteed a professional service and the experienced team you need to work on your behalf, taking some of the worry out of dealing with a difficult situation. If you have questions or would like us to work on your behalf, get in touch today.